Walmart Customer Survey – Win $1000 Gift Card

Walmart: Where would you like to go to buy your favorite pair of shoes? Or a bicycle to roam around your boulevards with? Pretty much the answer is same for everyone, Walmart, Right?

To have an insight into their customers needs and their experience at different Walmart stores, the company has taken a survey initiative.

However, if you find this survey a little complicated and also have some questions regarding the same, this post can possibly be best solution for you. Stick to the end!

Walmart Customer Survey will only require a few minutes of yours. The company is always looking for keeping its customers happy and satisfied.

About Walmart

Walmart definitely does not need an introduction. It has successfully dominated the shopping landscapes in all its forms. Whether it is online or manual in-store marketing or domestic market or international market, Walmart is ever ready to be at your service.

Founded in 1962, Rogers, the U.S.A., this company has gained expertise in this field for 50 years and now it operates more than 11,300 stores in around 27 countries. In fiscal year 2019, Walmart has generated revenue of $514.4

billion. The headquarter of Walmart has now been shifted to Bentonville in Arkansas.

Interestingly, famous Walmart logo has been altered for more than 6 times and most significant change of their logo underwent in 1992 with its iconic spark at end.

Recently this company has faced several problems related to customer convenience, price of commodities and digital services and that is what has forced Walmart to take this survey.

Walmart Customer Survey

A Survey is an essential tool implemented by enterprises of any level to know about its customers’ needs and to match their expectations. For this, Walmart has also launched its portal. If you choose to visit a Walmart store recently, you can also choose to fill up a survey from there.

Well, you may think “why should I waste my time in this mess”? Right? You need to know about the prizes.

There will be five grand prizes for the winners. Each of those prizes contains a Walmart gift card amounting $1,000 each. Excitingly, there are also additional 7,500 prizes available for the participants. Each of these prizes comes with a $100 Walmart gift card.  So, what are you waiting for?

Continue reading to know more about the procedure for participating in this survey.

Click Here For Walmart Cuatomer Survey

How to fill up the Walmart Customer Survey?

Before getting started, make sure you have following items handy_

  • A receipt from Walmart with ID# and ST# inscribed in it.
  • A laptop or mobile with internet.

Make sure that this survey is available only for denizens of 50 United States and district of Puerto Rico or Columbia. A participant has also to be 18 years or older.

You can join this customer satisfaction survey in 4 ways_ by purchasing, by accepting survey invites, by online survey or with a write-in.

Steps To Take Part Walmart Customer Survey 

    1. Visit the official website of Walmart Customer Survey.
  1. Now find ID# ST# in the Walmart receipt.
  2. Put the codes in those respective boxes.
  3.  Click Continue.
  4. After this, you will get yourself through some of the customer experience related questions.
  5. After you are done answering all queries, you will be provided with a code from Walmart. However, always be honest with your approach. Done!

The whole survey takes only 2 minutes of your precious time.

You need to know that, you have to provide your complete name; your age email ID and Mobile number in survey and also this customer survey needs to be completed within 31st January 2020.

How the Customer Satisfaction Survey Helps Walmart?

As biggest retail corporation, Walmart is perpetrated to offer you the best shopping experience. The customer survey initiated by this company not only helps them to know about what their customers expect from them; it also helps them to know about unnoticed developmental aspects.

Walmart highly appreciates suggestions offered by its customers and commits to meet their requirements. This initiative helps to build a better company-customer relationship.


  • Do I also have to make a purchase to join this survey? 

Ans: It is not necessary to make a purchase for filling up this customer satisfaction survey form. An entrant can visit the online website while sweepstakes period is ongoing and fill-up the form. Make sure to get it done within 31st January 2020.

  • How the winners are selected from this survey? 

Ans:  The winners of this survey will be selected around 7th February 2020. The selection will be based on random drawing. The winning odds solely depend on a total number of eligible entrants.

To be eligible to receive a prize, all entrants have to put their respective address and contact numbers.

  • Is it necessary to put personal details?

Ans: The personal data you put during customer survey is collected by sponsors in accordance with the terms and conditions. You should read about all privacy policy of our sponsors.

On joining this survey, the entrants have to agree with sponsors’ privacy policy of personal data collection.

  1. Is it necessary to have a receipt for a survey?

Ans: The receipt is necessary for the survey. However, you can still put your feedback if you don’t have the receipt but this won’t make you liable as a participant.

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